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BETRAYED BY THE BENCH... ... How Judge-made Law Has Transformed America’s Constitution, Courts and Culture. John Stormer Has Written This Book on the Courts; other best-selling books on the courts propose excellent solutions. However, most of their solutions require constitutional amendments, which, humanly speaking, are unlikely today.

BETRAYED BY THE BENCH takes a different approach with a different result. Attorney Robert P. Baine, Jr. has argued and won before the U.S. Supreme Court. Baine says: "In 50-years as an attorney, I’ve observed what court decisions have done to our constitutional heritage and culture. I’ve read the new books about what courts have done and are doing now. My experiences and the books combine to produce the depressing thought that there is no real remedy."


  • examines political foundations which must be relearned and rebuilt if America is to be restored.

  • shows how God has intervened twice in history to transform America morally and politically.

  • examines how two 19th Century academic theories have revolutionized the courts and culture.

However, John Stormer’s BETRAYED BY THE BENCH has given me a glimmer of hope. Every citizen should read it—particularly those in law, in education and the clergy.

None Dare Call It Treason


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None Dare Call It Treason is out of print. You may find a copy at AMAZON.COM.

"...John A. Stormer's hard-hitting, well-documented book, published to coincide with Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign, helped breathe life into the growing Americanist movement. Owing largely to the concerted book-distribution campaigns of such patriotic groups as The John Birch Society, some six million copies of None Dare Call It Treason were distributed in the first eight months after its publication, setting an all-time record for the sale of so many books in so short a time period...While ostensibly "fighting" communism with its right hand, the U.S. Government had actually been aiding, supporting, and promoting communism with its left. A substantial portion of the original edition of None Dare Call It Treason was devoted to proving this incredible truth beyond all reasonable doubt...

An equally damning indictment charged that many of our most vital institutions -- including our educational system, the news media, organized labor, our government, and even our churches -- had been infiltrated by communists and fellow travelers. As a consequence, the author solemnly warned, America was in grave danger of being subverted from within.

The Death Of A Nation


2.5 million copies sold







Death of a Nation is out of print.  You may find a copy at AMAZON.COM.

John Stormer in Death of A Nation pointed out that in 1925 the Communist Party, USA promoted the following attitude regarding racial agitation: “The aim of our party ... among the Negro masses ... is to create a ... movement which will fight and lead the struggle of the Negro race...”  As far back as 1968, John Stormer in his classic The Death of a Nation chronicled the kind of nonsense passed off as sound preachment in some church circles as evidenced by the following quote from a chaplain at a Baltimore school in 1964: "Sex is fun... There are no rules of the game so to speak... And anyone who tells you that there are may be guilty of mistaking social and cultural custom for divine sanction or for what is sometimes called natural law." One can only cringe at the thought of how much worse things have gotten since then.

Growing Up God's Way


700,000 copies sold














Growing Up God's Way is out of print.  You may find a copy at AMAZON.COM.

John Stormer's goal is to challenge parents to love their children and then train them so that others will love them too.  His book is based on his experience as a husband, father and grandfather and his work with hundreds of families during fifteen years as a pastor and Christian school superintendent.

Getting children ready for school and life has to start at birth and it can never stop. Following World War II a generation of parents lost sight of that truth and the tragedies have been multiplying ever since.  GROWING UP GOD'S WAY documents how child-rearing methods have changed and the tragic problems which result when children "just grow up."

By examining the methods used by successful dedicated parents in history and during Bible times.  John Stormer gives today's parents a vision of what they can accomplish in their children's lives.

Step-by-step instructions for training children from birth to age five are followed by practical principles which will help parents build happy successful Christian lives for themselves and stable, satisfying, solvent marriages and homes for each other.

None Dare Call It Treason - 25 Years Later





The 640 page updated-edition of John Stormer's 7-million copy best-seller from the 1964 Goldwater campaign, "None Dare Call It Treason" includes the original without change and adds 400 pages on why we weren't allowed to win in Vietnam, UN treaty traps, the "death" of communism and the on-going plan to "get us!"

None Dare Call It Education


200,000 copies sold






Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell said, if Americans knew what schools were doing to their children, there would be a revolution."  John Stormer's latest book documents what schools are doing academically and morally. 

It's a tool informed citizens can use to return schools to real local control.

Over 200,000 sold already!



The War Against our Culture through the schools





John Stormer's professionally produced 45-minute video/DVD details the handicaps dedicated teachers face today in classrooms filled with troubled, hurting children from broken homes. The program shows how for over 50 years school textbooks produced by anti God humanists have undermined the principles and values which once supported marriage, the family, traditional values, standards of right and wrong and national sovereignty.
What are "Dead" Communists Doing in Today's World?





This professionally produced program documents how Vladimir Putin, a 16-year veteran of the KGB, is being applauded today as he re-established a communist dictatorship in Russia. While he is putting the old Soviet Union back together, he is also establishing close ties with Communist China, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq and African states led by "former" communists.  In closing Stormer shows from the Bible why President George W. Bush and other political and religious leaders have been deceived into hoping Putin is our friend.
The Bible, The Declaration and the Constitution.




The Declaration of Independence proclaims that our rights come from God and the the Constitution was written "to secure these rights."  In the program Stormer gives specific Bible references supporting those historic concepts and then asks, "How can any Court or Judge find in the Constitution rights to abort babies, distribute pornography or have same sex marriages?" A powerful presentation you need to see!


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