John A. Stormer

John Stormer, a native of Altoona, Pennsylvania, attended Pennsylvania State University and graduated from California's San Jose State University after the Korean War. During the war, he served as an Air Force editor and historian. He is a member of the American Legion and the Council For National Policy. Stormer has served on the Missouri Republican State Committee and was state chairman of the Missouri Federation of Young Republicans (1962-64). His further involvement in politics led him to be a member of the Missouri delegation to the Republican Convention which nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964. He has honorary degrees from Manahath School of Theology (1965) and Shelton College (1976).

In the 1950s, John Stormer became disillusioned with the political candidates and philosophies that he was asked to support. In 1962, he left his career as editor and general manager of a leading electrical magazine to begin an intensive study of communism. With what he learned, he wrote the book None Dare Call It Treason which sold millions of copies. The book argues that the United States is losing the Cold War because it has been heavily infiltrated by Communist subversives. Visiting Vietnam twice, first in 1965, he has toured many other world trouble spots on fact-finding missions.

Mr Stormer is currently pastor emeritus, Heritage Baptist Church; Director, I Chronicles 12:32 Understanding the Times Ministry; owner, Liberty Bell Press; author, None Dare Call It Treason, The Death of a Nation, Growing God's Way; past president, Missouri Association of Christian Schools; state chairman, Missouri Young Republicans, 1962-64; member, Missouri Republican State Committee, 1962-64; Korean War Air Force Veteran.

In his book, None Dare Call It Treason...25 Years Later, he writes of the cultural manipulation going on in American Society and warns of the designs of the Fabian Society and their agenda of democratic socialism. Writing in 1989 he argues that Perestroika and Glasnost were merely Soviet propaganda tools.

John Stormer cast his penetrating spotlight even on the high and mighty. He was, in fact, among the first writers to expose the nefarious goals of the Council on Foreign Relations, and to reveal the funding of subversive leftwing causes and groups by the wealthy tax-exempt foundations. John Stormer's book identified the Council on Foreign Relations as a procommunist threat. Mr Stormer also courageously exposed the un-American character of the United Nations, denouncing in the process the entire spirit of internationalism... with a call to action for all concerned Americans... he also recommended joining some of the "well-established national organizations" devoted to the Americanist cause, such as The John Birch Society..."

With his wife, Elizabeth, Mr. Stormer has lived in Florissant, Missouri for the last 35 years. They have one daughter, Holly, who is married and mother of their four grandchildren


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